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Why named after A
Bark Spider?

The Bark Spider is an orb-weaver spider that produces the largest known web in the World, Its silk is the toughest biological material ever studied, with web sizes that range from 900Ė28,000 cm, and anchor lines spanning up to 25 meters (82 ft). "We tactfully chose Barkspiderweb because the Internet is the largest strongest Web known to Man!"

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How BarkSpiderWeb works for You!


The path to creating an outstanding online business presence today is far from being cut-and-dry. While there are certain basics to be considered and few guidelines to follow, the online marketing game really is one of continuous change and upkeep, our professional team of internet experts constantly creates and implements new ways of getting you exposed. If your website is more than 6 months old, chances are itís already outdated. Contact us for a Free Analysis


What does a bark spider web have to do with a business creating a marketing strategy?


The goals are similar: Both the spider and the business strategist have a clear goal, which is to grab hold of as much traffic as possible. The spider doesnít set out just to build a pretty web or the business strategist just a good looking website. It needs to have interconnections and effectiveness.


Identify your Market: Location is everything. Location should be well targeted for the business strategist using high traffic areas like organic search, social media sites, forums, touch points, etc... We work to Identify places that your customers and would-be customers might frequent.


Good Resources: As a good business strategist you would prefer to use an online marketing specialist like to develop your marketing campaign and website.


Our Unique Angle: No two websites are identical; it is also valuable for a business strategist to create a unique marketing platform rather than copying others around him. Finding just the right angle for his business marketing plan is crucial, but it should also be flexible enough to bend with the winds of change. Donít settle for what you are told ask and do research and you will find that is in your best interest.


Create a Firm Anchor: At our strategist starts with a good anchor and solid website, our Brainasium works closely with a team of professionals to create your products marketing strategies and excellent customer service making your brand a major anchor.


Create Multiple Intersections: The spider spins multiple points of intertwined silk that, when combined, makes the web strong enough to catch and hold multiple prey coming from several directions. The bark spider is said to catch up to thirty victims at a time. The many intersecting points of business networking include the number of places linked to the business appearance online. Connecting points can be created by adding links in posts, joining in on conversations on discussion boards or social media sites, adding comments to outside blogs; article marketing that includes a biographical reference, and affiliations with other businesses. Once simple pages and profiles are created, they can be interlinked easily by using apps and widgets.


Ongoing Upkeep: The business strategist should be careful about how much time he will devote to maintaining online marketing. It is far too easy to become entangled in the social media web to the point that time is wasted. Then again, it serves no purpose to create a blog, Facebook page or Twitter account and then fail to update it. Posts should be updated regularly but not too often, contain factual information, and be written with proficiency. Remember, the basis of online marketing is conversation creation with the goal of customer conversion. It's important to keep the conversation updated and ongoing.


Rewarded Effort: The business strategist's goal is, of course, to also capture attention from his Market. He can tally his followers and check for comments, likes and Retweets, but more accurate statistics can be gleaned through the use of analytic programs that are tied to his many online tools. Analytics will tell him where his customers have come from and what they searched for that got them there. Analytic information is vital to knowing how to better target a program. The goal of online marketing, however, is not just to catch the interest of would-be customers, but to make converts that result in sales. The process can be tedious. When a new person joins your network, the business strategist should greet him and make him feel special. Building loyalty can be done by posting brilliant and value-added information such as how-to tips, coupons, news updates and whatever else it takes to keep a would-be customer's interest. Always look for ways of building two-way communication. Every business strategist should seek to develop a robust plan that is broad reaching, systematically managed and regularly measured, and that is just the beginning.


Creating an online presence: In order to market your business you should relying on more than just one great website to enhance youíre exposure. A business today needs to be creative about building multiple channels of communication with would-be customers. The creation of an ongoing website and marketing platform is similar to weaving together a number of well developed touch points that result in a highly productive network of customer communications and conversion opportunities. has perfected strategiesí to do just that.


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