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"Thank You your outstanding customer service and marketing strategies has lunched us to the top. Working with your team has been a great success. Highly recommended feel free to have clients contact us 800-950-9634" -LeaseAmerica


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"Earlier this year you did something amazing. You spoke out and showed that, when we stand together, we can prevent bad policies from hurting the Internet. You proved we can stop something, but now itís time for us to start something. The Internet is the foundation of millions of conversations among billions of people all over the world ó and that includes you. Those conversations have allowed us to connect with friends, collaborate on a global scale, and produce some amazing innovations. Itís time to start a new chapter in our Internet conversation ó one in which we come up with positive and proactive plans to drive constructive Internet legislation in countries around the globe. Instead of reacting only to legislation that is harmful to the Internetís utility, we should be promoting policies that improve the Internetís usefulness while making it a safer and more secure environment for everyone. If you feel moved to do so, you can and should write more, but donít feel any pressure. This is only the beginning. To begin our conversation, letís focus on all the different things the Internet has given us the power to do. Some of these things may seem trivial, but when you step back and look at the real potential and real power of each Internet-based exchange, each email sent, vacation booked, photo shared, and dream realized, they add up to something really incredible. Our combined discussions about the importance of the Internet will remind legislators around the world that the web isnít like all the other things governments regulate. Itís not a system of roads, or a factory, or a farm, or a company. Itís an organic collection of diverse communities whose shared conversations are making the world a better place. Thatís the tradition I hope youíll continue today. Thanks for everything youíve done. Iím really looking forward to seeing what you start." -Vint Cerf Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

"The Internet is the power to connect with people all over the world, to build a dream, to create the unimaginable -- and much more. To me, the Internet is the power to turn science fiction into reality. In the past week, you started thousands and thousands of conversations about what the power of the Internet means to you. Some of the conversations were practical. Some were funny. Many were inspiring. We want to thank you and take the conversation one step further. Weíre inviting some Internet thought leaders to discuss the future of the web and creativity, and we want you to come, too. Weíll be joined by a technologist/author and three YouTube stars. Theyíre at the vanguard of online entertainment and creativity, using new tools to develop a fan base -- and to earn a living. So, if you care about the future of creativity online, we encourage you to start a conversation with them about it. One last thing: Iím guessing youíre on a lot of email lists already. We respect your time and I promise that we'll email you only sparingly. We'll just reach out from time to time in order to connect you to thoughtful people to discuss issues that matter to the future of the Internet. Only together can we advance its power for everyoneís benefit. Thanks" -Vint Cerf Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

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